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Martin, 11 Jun 2021

Chicken is amazing, presented well with salad and tastes fantastic, always piping hot when delivered.

Jon, 10 Jun 2021

We always order the 15riqz box and the first it was amazing and every time after that it just seems like the quality and amount of food just seems to be going down! ordered last time and rang to specifically ask for them to check the box and we had complained the last time and i swear the box came worse than if i hadnt rang up!

Angelica, 04 Jun 2021


Always beautiful tasty food

Arya, 31 May 2021


Accepted the order then cancelled as they couldn’t be bothered to deliver.

Tejal, 28 May 2021

Excellent food

Grant, 28 May 2021

very nice food good for it price

Ali, 25 May 2021

Great company and food

Zoe, 24 Apr 2021

Nice food every time

Rs, 17 Apr 2021

Excellent food, excellent service

Elvin, 03 Apr 2021

Too good n tasty

Jenis, 30 Mar 2021

my absolute favourite takeaway, always order from here and never been disappointed. My biggest pregnancy craving lol.

Jacqueline, 15 Mar 2021

It was very nice apart from the peppers in the donner nan which we didn't order, and made my mum ill as she can't eat them.

Saffron, 14 Mar 2021

Fantastic service , the food was lovely we came from Birmingham and we loved the experience . The customer service was great the staff were really humble and polite. Best place would highly recommend .

Muhammad A Sajid , 13 Mar 2021

NoName, 10 Mar 2021


The sauce on the donner meat was absolutely delicious :)

Angelica, 04 Mar 2021

Rizq is hands down the most delicious food in Peterborough. No messing around

Dan, 27 Feb 2021

What a result !

Martyn, 19 Feb 2021


We have ordered a couple of times and it has always been great. This time we ordered exactly the same things but it came very spicy, whereas in the past it was the right amount of spice.

Bruna, 14 Feb 2021

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Jordan, 09 Feb 2021


Jordan, 09 Feb 2021


Jordan, 09 Feb 2021


Jordan, 09 Feb 2021


Jordan, 09 Feb 2021

Hussan, 24 Jan 2021

Top quality every time

Mel, 22 Jan 2021